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Moon of the Wolf by MangaAngel360 Moon of the Wolf :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 0 1 Jessica Rabbit by MangaAngel360 Jessica Rabbit :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 5 0 Marilyn Monroe by MangaAngel360 Marilyn Monroe :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 2 0 Sans by MangaAngel360 Sans :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 0 0 Geisha 2 by MangaAngel360 Geisha 2 :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 0 0 Summer Pinup by MangaAngel360 Summer Pinup :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 0 0
What Troubles
What, O my heart, troubles you so,
That binds you up and won’t let go.
Causes, your cares for you to throw,
Yet leaves you feeling quite so low?
Trust? Tell me, does it make sense
To cast off your fears from hence
TO give your heart away ere since
And further without any recompense?
Do you think you can receive love
As oft as given by you, my dove
When all it gives is you a shove?
Many better things I can think of.
You love, tis this much too true
And oft leaves you sad and blue
More worries than a scant few
Falling from your face like dew.
Who is it that you cry for my dear
And leaves you shaken full of fear
And warns you to run from here
Makes you not to think so clear?
Farewell, my love, blessings be thing
The time has come to leave all behind
Our moment was sweet and kind
And shall never leave my mind.
Jennie Elmore
April 23, 2015
:iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 0 0
It’s hard to see the light when you’re frozen in the dark.
I try to stay positive but it’s just too hard.
And though I find solace in the kindness of your face,
And warmth radiates from your gentle embrace,
I can’t say how alone I feel when you leave this place.
I don’t want to be a burden; I want to help you heal.
Not like an Evanescence song because the pain is just too real.
I know I sound like an NES game
Playing over and over again,
A broken record grasping for straws
Trying to seek your attention
I love you more than anything; I swear this much is true
Because there isn’t anything in this world I wouldn’t give or do for you.
Jennie Elmore
March 25, 2015
:iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 1 2
See me? Pearly white.
A painted face. Shining bright.
Do you see here beneath
I am shattered here underneath.
Look for the crack within
My interior of porcelain.
Age with grace and beauty.
This look is but my duty.
A frown sits upon my heart
I have to work even hard
To paint a smile on my face.
Look another crack, thin,
Upon my face of porcelain.
With every chip and crack
I become more out of whack.
Were I a fabric doll
I wouldn’t worry much at all.
No more cracks, no more pain
I wouldn’t be porcelain.
Paper and cloth rip and tear
Glass and like, beyond repair.
Even if you put me back together.
Plaster, paint, gloss, and whatever
I will never be the same again.
Tis the fate of porcelain.
Jennie Elmore
February 4, 2015
:iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 0 0
T.A.R.D.I.S. by MangaAngel360 T.A.R.D.I.S. :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 1 0 Manga Kiss 2 by MangaAngel360 Manga Kiss 2 :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 3 0 Manga Kiss 1 by MangaAngel360 Manga Kiss 1 :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 2 0 Elven Schoolgirl by MangaAngel360 Elven Schoolgirl :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 4 2 Transistor by MangaAngel360 Transistor :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 6 0 Bad Hair Day by MangaAngel360 Bad Hair Day :iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 3 3
Doctor Who: Theories on Clara's Origins
Ok Dr Who fans. I have been revisiting episodes lately and my mother and I as well as my husband come in debate and have a few theories as to how "River" and "Clara" are "mentally linked" as River put it, in "Name of the Doctor". Either of these could be what Steve Moffat or other writers of "Doctor Who" collaborate upon.
One: Is River Clara or is Clara River? It could be possible. I mean, come on. River has been through a vast majority of the Doctor's Time Line. Her mother is Amy, a fellow companion of the Doctor. Clara's favorite book is written by "Amelia Williams" (River's mother). River was born of the T.A.R.D.I.S making her a time lord as well with a set of regenerations. She gave them all away to the Doctor in "Let's Kill Hitler". Or so we think. Maybe she didn't say she did or didn't. While rule #1 is "The Doctor always lies", rule #2 is "River always knows more than she's letting on". I mean, come on. River has the "blue book".
Two: What if Clara is in fact the granddaughter o
:iconmangaangel360:MangaAngel360 1 0


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Wow. This piece is just breath taking. When I first gazed upon it, to me it looked as it if had a Native American feel what with the ow...

Wow. This is a really good version of Cloud Strife. I love the shadow and how little light is in this pic. The picture itself is near p...

Wow. I really like this. As a sketch artist I understand perfection is hard to accomplish. I really do not have any problem with this p...

by Shaiyde

I like this. A few things though. Would have like a little more face, such as her nose and a more defined corner of her mouth. Also, I ...





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